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Chasing the sun

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

All around me I see the signs that summer is drawing to a close, much to my dismay. In Prague I saw once green leaves darkening and falling to the ground. In Vienna the June skies I had seen before were broken with gray clouds and a cool breeze on the last few days of July. I even see summer disappearing in stores and in malls. The pretty bright dresses and sandals are replaced with coats, boots and denim.

Summer time is usually that way, even with an extended university holiday. It comes fast, and leaves faster. I miss summer all year, but I do look forward to the fall, winter and to spring. Alas, today I am stuck between longing for summer and dreaming of the fall. Such is life! We perpetually want what we can’t have.

Instead of throwing myself and my leisurely schedule back into my fall routine just yet, I’ve decided to prolong it by going to a place of a kind of endless summer: Spain.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Wanting to share with you a great local success story: Michique handbags!

Handbag display at the NSCCD Craft Market

Love these bags! Sourced from : "I LOVE MICHIQUE HANDBAGS" on facebook

I spent the weekend in Halifax and attended the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design’s craft market. I knew Michique would be there and headed over to find their booth. There was a mass of people crowded around the Michique booth, all admiring and most importantly purchasing these creative and wonderful purses. With other Canadian craft shows scheduled for their upcoming year I know Michique will reach all corners of Canada and beyond very quickly.

It is great to see local sisters, pursuing their talent and finding success in a product they have put so much into. For all of those entrepreneurial driven students at CBU check out Michique and let it motivate you to follow your dreams!

Caution CBU Ladies: They are so pretty !!

Feed your mind

Monday, July 26th, 2010

The carefree days of summer are wonderful for sleeping in, getting to the beach, late night fun with friends… and indulging in some of summer’s finest flavours: strawberry shortcakes, smoky barbeques, cold refreshments on the patio, and some salty snacks from your favorite chip wagon. (Mine being Fuzzy’s Fries on Charolette Street!)

The summers final act is upon us and as we watch these last precious days flash before us, our minds begin to look ahead to see what comes next, and for most of us that means back to the books and the rapid pace of university life.

As we transition from the ease of summer, back into the hustle of the school year, do yourself a favour and feed your mind, properly.

The importance of a balanced diet as we undertake our studies is crucial for our mental and physical wellbeing. Maintaining a healthy diet is as important to your studies as weekends in the library are.


Jellyfish stings

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010
During the summertime we all can not wait to enjoy the beaches, but don’t forget that we’re not the only ones who are waiting for it. Jellyfish have also been waiting for the summer to enjoy it, but in his own way of course!
Avoiding the jellyfish is definitely a good idea, but you also need to know what you should do if you got stung by a jellyfish. I was doing a little research about the jellyfish and I actually found a lot of useful, funny, and some scary information, but the good news is that you can treat and prevent their stings with a really simple steps.
Here are some simple steps you should follow if you got stung by a jellyfish:
  1. Don’t panic you’re not going to die.
  2. Don’t touch the wound with your bare hands.
  3. Don’t use fresh water on the wound.
  4. Wipe any dangling tentacles from the wound with a towel or a glove or even a credit card. .
  5. Use salt water to rinse the wound.
  6. Use vinegar or a little bit of alcohol to neutralize the venom on your skin.
  7. Try to put ice on the wound if it’s too painful.
Another interesting “jelly” fact is that some lifeguards may wear pantyhose on their arms and legs to prevent suffering the pain of a jellyfish’s sting or to even save their lives sometimes.
I hope this information will help you if you encounter a jellyfish this summer while at the beach, but mostly I wish you all a nice, safe and jellyfish free vacation.

Tuesday nights just got better

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Since school is growing nearer, I’ve been checking up on all of the Student Union news to keep me updated on what’s going on for the 2010-2011 year.

You wouldn’t believe my surprise (and excitement!) to find out that the Pit will be playing host to airing GLEE on the big screens, every Tuesday evening throughout the year. As you know from previous blogging ( I am a die-hard Glee fan.

Understandably, this is awesome news for a variety of reasons…


Operation Frosh!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

The Cape Breton University Students’  Union are hard at work this summer putting together a great Frosh Week for new CBU students.

Take a look at the schedule of events and start checking off where and when you are to be ! It looks like a great time!

Schedule of Events

Join their facebook page for even more up to date information regarding Frosh Week and all CBUSU news!!/pages/Sydney-NS/CBUSU-Events/123982467621056?__a=4&ajaxpipe=1

Looking to play?

Friday, July 16th, 2010

I’ve always loved playing sports, no matter how poor I can be at them. It’s a great time to exercise, flex your competitive side, and to get out and socialize.  While winter sports aren’t necessarily my thing (my balance is way too poor for anything snow or ice covered!) I do love playing basketball, soccer and volleyball whenever I get the chance.

Although I’m away, I recently became aware of a volleyball league starting up at our very own CBU! The games will take place on the two new beach volleyball courts located right by the track on campus. Because of everyone’s busy schedule in the summer, it’s been decided that games will take place on Tuesday evenings at 6pm, after work or class.

At the moment, Caper volleyball player Janine Muise is trying to organize teams of four (male or female) to commit to playing games, and some possible tournaments during the summer. So far, many people have shown interest and the league is quickly growing and will certainly be a lot of fun. Plus, you can meet some new friends and play around outside after being stuck inside all day.

For more information on the league (that is always accepting new players!) join the Facebook group at: You can also email Janine for more information at

Now get to work on your spike and dive, and see you there soon!

Caper summer

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

To enjoy the hot summer months, you might travel to a lot of beautiful places around the world, but I’m sure that your summer bucket list cannot be complete without a summer trip to the Cape. Cape Breton is an unforgettable trip in many ways. Every spot in the world has its own culture, but on this island you will find  the best and most colourful culture. Fiddling, dancing and Celtic music, are a part of this Cape Breton culture.

Friendly people is the secret of this place, it fascinates me. For some reason everybody here is so friendly and no matter what’s your color or language is, they just enjoy talking about their island all the day long. You will never want to go home because you will always feel that you’re home. You won’t get lost in Cape Breton because when someone starts a conversation with you and gives you a list of places you should go to, then you’ll realize that you’re in Cape Breton, the most amazing place in the world.

You should know that one summer is not enough to enjoy all of the beaches in the area.  All of the beaches here are amazing, with clear water and the hot sun which gives you the tan you’ve always dreamed of.

All of these things will give you the reason and the desire to come back again, and I’m sure you will!

Hot pot night

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Hot PotSummer semester has been crazy busy. From Monday to Friday, most of us have class for the whole day, from 8am to 5pm.

In my group of friends, we usually spend the weekend nights together- have dinner, go watch a movie or play pool. After a week filled with studying, we decided to do something fun on Saturday night. The theme of this week was “Hot Pot”. You may wonder what hot pot is? It is a popular cuisine in China. During the meal, a simmering pot with meat soup is put in the center of the dining table. Typical hot pot dishes include thinly sliced meat, vegetables, mushroom, and seafood. People sit around the table and place the uncooked food, what they want to eat, into the pot. Because food is cooked on the table, usually the hot pot dinner last for about two hours, so it is a great time for chatting and catching up.

Great Escapes

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Summer seems to be flying by. It’s already the middle of July and the time is continually speeding up. Soon it will be back to the books, and back to all of the enjoyable aspects of being a student (including taking interesting classes, drinking lots of tea and coffee, and participating in student life around CBU!)

Although the end of summer is evitable, I’m sure we all can welcome a routine back into our lives, that doesn’t revolve around work, tanning, or being bored. I know I can. But before I think about that, I will share with you my latest summer adventure.