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Vote Mob: April 23rd 11am

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

In case you don’t have the CB Vote Mob on Facebook, I thought I would share the event with all of you. Here it is:


The Cape Breton VOTE MOB begins Saturday April 23 at 11am SHARP!

All participants will be in the CBU Cafeteria at 11am to organize before departing to the mob-sites!

The primary target age range is 18-40, but no one is excluded from promoting youth engagement. This is not a student event, it is an inclusive youth event that is not specific to any one particular campus or youth organization.

The mob will arrive at the BIG FIDDLE (Joan Harris Cruise Pavilion) at approximately 1:15pm and at the Band Stage at the CBRM Civic Centre at the Sydney Board Walk at approximately 2:30pm.

Cape Breton VOTE MOB is a 100% youth-led, non-partisan event. No party logos, clothing, or signs are permitted at the Cape Breton VOTE MOB. Participants are encouraged to wear clothing that expresses their individuality and their love of Canada.

A number of Cape Breton VOTE MOB t-shirts will be available for those interested in picking one up at $8 each to cover the cost.

Young voters living outside of the CBRM are highly encouraged to pack up your vehicles, carpool if you can, and come in to join in our celebration of youth engagement in democracy!

The Cape Breton VOTE MOB is being organized and promoted by:
JCI Cape Breton
Nova Scotia Co-operative Youth Alliance
SIFE Cape Breton
NextGen 2010
CBU Students Union

* Participants of the Cape Breton VOTE MOB will also receive a complimentary ticket to the “BUZZ” 90’s music adult video dance party being hosted by Captive Promotions Saturday April 23rd at 10:00pm at the Bicentennial Gym in Sydney. 19+, ID’s required!

Make sure to attend, and bring all of your friends and family! It’s going to be an amazing time! Stand up for your country, and your rights. Canada is yours – so elect a party that you think will get your interests heard at a national level.

Happy mobbing!

Just Watch Me

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

So, now that exams are over and we all have some spare time to do a whole lot of nothing, some people choose to catch up on all the television they missed while their head was stuck in the books. I personally always make time for my beloved television shows because its what relaxes me most.  Now we all how our favorite shows like Grey’s Anatomy or One Tree Hill, but here are a few shows you may not be watching that you may want to look into.


Come Experience Science

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Science Rendezvous is taking place on Saturday, May 7th from 12-4pm at the Mayflower Mall. CBU’s Science and Technology department, along with some others, will collaborate in an effort to increase the public’s knowledge and appreciation for science. There will be a wide variety of displays for people of every age so grab your friends and family and come out to have some fun!

Science Rendezvous is an annual event that takes place in Canada. The goal is to promote science awareness to the general public and to teach everyone that science affect us all the time in our daily lives. On May 7th there will be events taking place right across Canada from Vancouver, BC, to St. John’s, NL. Every year more and more volunteers come together for this great cause.

There are going to be many different activities to see and try out and prizes to take home! Displays will be set up across the whole mall including ones from chemistry, biology, geology, physics, math, psychology and more! I’ll just tell you about a few of the events that will be there.

- A chemistry magic show where you’ll get to see things like elephant toothpaste.

- See how the CSI teams use chemistry in catching the criminals.

- You can impress all of your friends by walking across a pool of water.

- Build your own telescope to spy on people at the other side of the mall.

- Bring in your own fossils and have them identified.

- See the rock and fossil road show.

- Get tricked into thinking a rubber hand is your hand.

- Create your own Mobius strips.

- See some insects (and maybe even eat some).

- Join in the ‘Great Science Race’ and win prizes.

And that is just a taste of what will be happening at the ‘Mall of Science’ on May 7th. Everyone come down and have some fun! And you never know you just might learn something!

Science Rendezvous 2011! Come experience science!

Good Morning, Good Morning To You (Morning II: Good With A Vengeance)

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Last time on the GoodDayBlog, we discussed how to start a day right, and keep it that way. However, we only got halfway through our day, and I promised a two-parter. So with that in mind, I present to you part two of the post.

Having just arrived at our hypothetical destination, we will doubtless be encountering some friends and acquaintances. Which brings me to another thing; small talk is there for a reason. If you’re going to get into a deep, stimulating discussion, allow yourself to be brought into it slowly. Never mind the fact that you’re probably not in the ideal social mood at this point even if your day has been going well – if someone disagrees with you strongly at this point, it’ll ruin your day (this is why I like to keep my political discussions for the mid-day to evening area. Not being a young liberal tends to mean everyone your age disagrees with you).


How to do Europe on the cheap

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

With summer just around the corner it’s time to make some plans. While beaching it in the Cape is always a priority, there are other options as well, even if you are tight on cash.

Right now, there are some incredibly cheap tickets to Europe for June – August. As a frequent traveler to Europe, I must admit that I have never managed to snag a ticket this cheap; in fact, I’ve never paid under $1000.

The best place to book now is out of, where the price is definitely right. Take for instance this flight to Frankfurt, Germany:


Update: CB vote mob

Monday, April 18th, 2011

All young voters (18-40), students or otherwise who are interested in being apart of the Cape Breton Vote Mob, a planning meeting will be held Tuesday, April 19th at the Civic Centre in Sydney, located at 320 Esplanade. The meeting will take place from 6 PM – 9 PM. Space isn’t limited so anyone can come and share their ideas, and of course, you’re welcome to bring friends and family.

The meeting will discuss:

1. Date/time of VOTE MOB.
2. Theme/coordination.
3. Organizations taking the lead.
4. Promotion.
5. Ground rules, intent, and message.
6. Documentation (video, photography, etc.)
7. Vote Socials and VIP (Voter Inclined Person) Party to be held on election day.

Since the election is right around the corner, things will move quickly. Get involved, whether with planning, or just participating in the mob.

If you or someone you know might be interested, you can find out more here, or by following them on Twitter at @cbvotemob.

Everyone is talking about it, so spread it around! Start getting involved with shaping your Canada.

Update: CB Vote Mob happening

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

My wish has been answered: Cape Breton will host a vote mob!

Launched late last evening, few details have been mentioned, but make sure to stay updated via Facebook or Twitter. You can follow them at @cbvotemob or visit their Facebook page here.

The Cape Breton Vote Mob Facebook page notes that there will be an organizational meeting in Sydney early this week and a location/time will be announced soon for those who want to take part in the mob.

The Cape Breton mob, like others across the country will be mainly held for youth, however, all ages are welcome to engage as well. The website urges people to tell their friends, family and so on… and to spread it around! Their mission is to get as many young people in Cape Breton to vote as humanely possible… and I think that’s very possible.

The organizers will also host a post-vote party, with more details to come on the location/time.

Definitely get involved with this if you are on the island. This should be fun, exciting and will show the island and country that the youth here will help shape Canada together. Apathy is boring – get involved!

I’ll keep you updated on the progress, and encourage all to share this around.

Remember, the goal is to VOTE. May 2nd, be there.

Student voting mobs!

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

In another blog, I posted Rick Mercer’s rant urging youth voters to get involved with voting. Since then, universities have taken Rick’s challenge and have organized awesome voter mobs or socials through their students’ unions and universities; great places to start garnering awareness of the upcoming May 2nd election.

The voter mob or social doesn’t have many strict guidelines, mainly it is to encourage voters of all age –particularly young voters- to get out and vote. The mobs are generally a lot of fun, with people expressing their desire to vote and be heard.

This creative way of getting the message out is really inspiring. It travels far and wide as well, and gets people’s attention. I know it caught mine!

One leader in the planning and support for these events is The website looks at the student and public vote, offers resources for those able to vote, and provides fun things to do like voter mobs! Here are what the people of Lead Now have to say about participating in a voter mob:

Why? Young people are voting in this election – and no matter what your age they want you to join them. Make voting social, fun and collective and we can have a huge impact on this election.

When? First during advanced polling on Friday the 22nd, Saturday the 23rd or Monday the 25th of April, and then on election day: May 2nd.

What? A voter social is simple. Get your friends and community together and head to the polls, and then head out to celebrate a growing movement that is going to shake up our democracy. Put on your dancing shoes or your Sunday best. Get out and vote in style. Be seen and be proud.

Voter socials can be big or small, public or private, and we will help make it easy to host.

Make sure to check out clips of the mobs, accessible on Lead Now, or on You Tube. Here are a few to get you started: (University of Guelph – first university to have one.) (University of Ottawa.) (University of Victoria.)

Also if you have any questions about the upcoming vote, visit to learn more.

Remember, your vote counts to creating the Canada YOU want. So, make it count.

As one sign read in the University of Victoria’s mob: “Today I realized people are dying for democracy – I’m voting for mine.”

Get out there and vote… and spread the news, through a mob (could CBU do something like this?), a social, social media, or just telling your friends. This stuff matters!

I hope you’ll join with us on May 2nd to vote, young Capers!

Spring and summer styles

Monday, April 4th, 2011

As much as I try to keep my shopping to a minimum… I still lust for adorable, posh clothing to wear, especially when the weather starts to get nicer outside.

The days last longer, and people can’t help but to break out of their black thick sweaters and heavy boots. Personally, I’ve been sneaking my ballet flats on to give my feet and style a prettier, more casual look.

Around campus it’s obvious as well. Students may be stuck in the library studying, but they are doing so in brighter colours, and lighter layers.  Cute slip on sneakers and faux-leather bombers are making their rounds, and I must admit: I like what I see!

In preparation for the sweetness of spring and summer, I’ve come up with a list of top styles that will carry you through – looking and feeling good under the sun.


Go a Day Without Shoes

Monday, April 4th, 2011
Tomorrow, April 5th, 2011, go barefoot and don’t forget to take a picture of yourself with no shoes. Post it to Facebook, Twitter, send it to all your friends. Get the word out there. The word of what you may ask? Well the word, and awareness for all of those who are unable to afford footwear, and go without it, everyday, all day. Many of us take advantage of this simple necessity.”Growing Up Barefoot in many developing countries, children must walk barefoot for miles to school, clean water and medical help. Often living conditions include: Walking long-distance to clean water.”

Toms shoes, which is a shoe company who sells more than just shoes, will donate one pair of shoes to the needy, with every pair purchased. This campaign is called “One for One”.  They are putting on this event in awareness for all of those who are in need; for those who cannot afford decent footwear.

“The TOMS mission transforms our customers into benefactors, which allows us to grow a truly sustainable business rather than depending on fundraising for support.”