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2010-2011 In Blogging – A Retrospective

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

I’ll be forgoing the usual opening gag in today’s RetrospectionBlog, in order to reminisce somewhat about my experiences as a blogger, the blogs I’ve done.

To confirm – yes, I’m back on the blogging train, after a short hiatus. (more…)

Veggie Tales

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Last week was apparently Vegetarian Week – hurray!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to post anything about my love of all things vegetarian or vegan, so here I go… better late than never.

During my first year at CBU, I grew up a lot, like most do. I was living at home, but becoming more independent. I was also learning so, so much in class that just changed how I thought about things, and how I viewed the world. Because of these positive changes, I had to look at my own life and how I could continue to be an aware world citizen who could help improve the global situation… even in a small way.

As I looked at the basis of all life: food, I knew this was a place I could implement some real, lasting change, both for me and the world around.

Vegan Avocado Potato Salad! via

I had wanted to become vegetarian for years but never could fully make the move over. Nonetheless, the time was right for me and I went head over heals for veggies (and haven’t looked back since)!

Eating hasn’t been difficult, I made the adjustment overnight and now I am a total food explorer. I experiment with hearty beans, leafy vegetables, juicy fruit and crunchy nuts. Most recently I made chickpea, avocado tacos with veggies piled high – talk about delicious and nutritious.

I also visit the Cape Breton Farmer’s Market for other veg fair, including baked goods, and of course locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Trust me, I never go hungry.

Overall, it’s been an incredible meat/diary/egg free few years. It was one of the simplest and easiest changes I’ve made and it had the most instantaneous results.

The further I go on my path of a healthier lifestyle, the more I learn too. I have more books on eating healthy and living healthy that I could start a mini-library. I watch documentaries, read hundreds of pages of United Nations Food and Agriculture policy documents, and I try to enjoy every second of eating.

If you wish to become aware of the consequences of a meat centered diet, then I urge you to do so. Ahem – it was Vegetarian Week last week, too. I feel that if we know what we’re eating, we’re going to want to improve and make smarter, healthier choices for ourselves, the environment, and our loved ones. We’re all in this together, after all.

Vegan Peanut Butter Pillow Cookies via

I have about a thousand links I could share with you, so if you want them or just want to talk about going vegetarian, you can send me an email or comment below.

In parting, I’ll leave you with a cool video I just found about going veg; and one of my favorite vegan cookbooks.


Peace and veggies,


Research at CBU

Friday, May 27th, 2011

One of the best parts of being a student – particularly at CBU – is being able to do research with a professor.

There are many positions on campus, giving you a chance to get involved with your studies and make some money, while gaining invaluable experience on your CV.

Since my first year at CBU, I’ve been Dr. Rubina Ramji’s research assistant. Over the years we have done many different things, the bulk of which include studying multiculturalism in Atlantic Canada, putting on focus groups, transcribing interviews, and so on.

This year I am working on creating a database for academics, which include information on the history of the hijab and niqab. The research is definitely challenging, but is so interesting too. I have until the end of August to find roughly 300 sources, which will be books, journals, articles, videos and more. It will certainly be a masterpiece when finished (I hope)!

That’s what I have been up to, even while in Europe, but others are back at CBU and around the community doing other incredible research. Lucky for you, curious readers, CBU has put on a student lecture series this summer where student researches present the research they are participating in. How cool is that?

The lecture series begun May 25th, but upcoming lectures can be found here.

If you’re a student researcher looking to present your own research this summer, contact Emily MacLeod at

For more information on CBU’s research, visit:

Next BIG Thing

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

It’s back! Cape Breton’s high-school talent search is back for a 3rd year with a top 12 that has more talent than Idol. With 9 singers, a rapper, an actress and a band; the show promises to be quite entertaining.

The search is open to high schools in Cape Breton, where finalists are voted on by the community and a panel of judges. One thing is for sure, the job isn’t easy when narrowing down some of Cape Breton’s most talented youth.

Previous Next BIG Thing winners include Breagh Mackinnon in 2009 and Hope Scheller in 2010. Both winners have went on to do wonderful things. Having seen them both perform live over the last year, they certainly deserve the title.

Who will be crowned this year? The prize pack is valued at over $7,000 – let alone the perks that come with getting your name out there.

To watch the show, head to CBU’s Boardmore Playhouse. The final shows are as follows, and both start at 7pm:

Top Ten: May 24

Finalie: May 31

For more information, visit the Next BIG Thing on Facebook, or by email at

World-Class Chefs to Visit Cape Breton

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Exciting news greeted me in Czech Republic today. Ten world-class chefs will visit our beautiful island from August 25th-September 4th to create the ultimate ‘Foodie’ experience. (Foodie being a term used to describe all of those interested in food and drink and the rituals of both. They are not gourmets; they simply love the experience of eating food!)

The event is put on by Right Some Good; promising delicious food paired with the obvious enjoyment of the sea, sky, and soil in Cape Breton Island.

The ten chefs hail from all over the world, including: Hong Kong, Peru, France, Spain, and Australia to name a few. They will use local, sustainable ingredients to create culinary masterpieces. Local chefs and culinary students are also encouraged to apply for positions, you can do so here.

The event promises to be a great time for anyone interested in food (so I expect to see you all there). Moreover, with a late summer event like this, students near and far can attend it before school begins.

Tickets go on sale June 20th.

For more information, visit

Congratulations CBU Grads 2011

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Congratulations to all Cape Breton University graduates! You’re dedication has paid off. Good luck in the future!

Lucy’s Life Update

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Okay readers, I’ve been leaving you all hanging (!), right? With exams and elections, my head was in other places. So, now I will fill you in on what has been happening in my world. (more…)

A Trip to the Movies

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

One of my favorite past times is reading a good book.  Any genre will do for me! Especially when you find an enchanting page-turner that engulfs you from the start.

Once in a while, when sitting watching a movie in the theatres, a preview will come on that I recognize from somewhere. Something about the plot and the characters. Then I usually clue in that I read the book! There have been a few lately that I particularly enjoyed.

First would be Water For Elephants written by Sara Gruen. I first read this book in my grade 12 English class and loved it. Without giving too much away, the story is told as a series of memories by Jacob Jankowski, a ninety-something year old man, who lives in a nursing home.  He tells his life story, and most notable his days with the Benzini Brothers and circus life during the depression.

Staring Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz, the movie for Water For Elephants was based on the number-one bestseller book which presents a tale of forbidden love filled with the exciting circus life that is often filled with wonder, but also great danger.



Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Hey Capers, today is the BIG day. Not the royal wedding, or the death of Osama Bin Laden, or for that matter: just another Monday.

Today is YOUR day to vote for a Canada that you want. It’s your day to step up to the plate, and be an informed Canadian citizen. This is exciting!

To vote, bring a piece of ID (driver’s license will work), and show up at a polling station to cast your vote.

To learn more about the process, visit This site will tell you who’s running, if you’re eligible to vote, and where to vote today.

Personally, I’m dragging 6 people to the polls with me. How many will you encourage to vote?

Make sure to spread the message around on Twitter and Facebook.

Today, be a VIP (Voter Inclined Person).

Cape Breton Vote Mob: “We’re Ready to Start”

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

The CB Vote Mob was a huge success, with over 60 youth in attendance.

Check out footage from Cape Breton’s vote mob, here: CB Vote Mob.