Today is Friday.

For many that means excitement, a chance to relax (sigh), more time to study; or for some: delving into a string of more stressful days.

Whatever Friday means to you, take some time for yourself… because probably you’ve been neglecting your needs (even if you can’t make it away from the computer).

My cure: reading some fun websites that make you dream of far away.

I like the following “stylish” blogs:

A photographer who travels the world looking for and snapping shots of unique, stylish people… get ready to swoon.

A blogger/artist/sweetheart whom is French, and gets her blogs translated into English. The blogs with their funny English are greatly enjoyable, and her illustrations will inspire you to pout, paint and more.

I also like to stumble, and to see where it takes me:

An awesome website devoted to finding links YOU will like. Pick from many categories and get stumbling. Caution: it is sort of highly addictive.

I like to look at (and eat) yummy food:

A vegan chef/baker who makes super-yummy, beginner-friendly vegan recipes.

A recipe for the best low-fat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, ever. These cookies are fool-proof (I made them), delicious, nutritious, and a comfort food. Now fill up a glass of milk/soy milk and dig in.

Awesome. Just do it.

I enjoy reading quotes:

Pretty quotes, thoughtful quotes. Share them on Facebook, Twitter, or make them the background of your laptop.

And if all else fails, really go far away:

Vacations, flights, and so on.

Travel deals for students.


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