Ways to WAKE Up

It’s really here. We’re back to school. We have due dates and social events to put into our calendars, rather than spontaneous trips to the beach. We have classes to attend, people to meet and goals to accomplish. So, we better wake up and get moving!

A university energy-booster favourite may be caffeine, but here are some of the best ways to beat your most drowsy-eyed times of the day naturally:

1. Exercise. Yes, working out does seem to solve all problems – including feeling tired. Fit in a mid-day workout to maximize your energy levels all day long. Not feeling motivated to sweat solo? Find a gym/walk/run-friend to keep you accountable.

2. Eat regularly. Food is fuel, and we need it to power through our to-do lists as much as we do to fill our bellies. Opt for healthier options like whole grains, fruits and veggies. These super foods are also super energy boosters. Bon appetite!

3. Let light in. If you’re feeling drowsy, open your dorm room curtains to refresh your outlook. If you’re in the library or in class – choose a window seat to avoid the yawns.

4. Stretch. Stretching out your body will provide an instant pick-up to get you through your next class or study session. Do a few forward folds, stretch your arms above your head and take time to feel more awake and ready to roll.

5. Step away from your screen. Taking micro-breaks to stretch may not curb your soon to be snoozefest. Instead, stop what you’re doing to get outside! Stroll through the campus, meet a friend and feel immediately revitalised.

6. Laugh it up. Like exercising, laughing is a surefire way to cure most of your problems. Think of something funny, search the Internet and get giggling. Your humour-filled few moments will leave you feeling more awake and happy.

7. Turn up the volume. Put on your favourite playlist while walking to class, or while studying. Pump up the volume a little bit more than usual and get ready for an automatic energy boost. Thank you, iPod.

How do you stay awake when you’re zonked?

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