Ways to WAKE Up

September 14th, 2012

It’s really here. We’re back to school. We have due dates and social events to put into our calendars, rather than spontaneous trips to the beach. We have classes to attend, people to meet and goals to accomplish. So, we better wake up and get moving!

A university energy-booster favourite may be caffeine, but here are some of the best ways to beat your most drowsy-eyed times of the day naturally:

1. Exercise. Yes, working out does seem to solve all problems – including feeling tired. Fit in a mid-day workout to maximize your energy levels all day long. Not feeling motivated to sweat solo? Find a gym/walk/run-friend to keep you accountable.

2. Eat regularly. Food is fuel, and we need it to power through our to-do lists as much as we do to fill our bellies. Opt for healthier options like whole grains, fruits and veggies. These super foods are also super energy boosters. Bon appetite!

3. Let light in. If you’re feeling drowsy, open your dorm room curtains to refresh your outlook. If you’re in the library or in class – choose a window seat to avoid the yawns.

4. Stretch. Stretching out your body will provide an instant pick-up to get you through your next class or study session. Do a few forward folds, stretch your arms above your head and take time to feel more awake and ready to roll.

5. Step away from your screen. Taking micro-breaks to stretch may not curb your soon to be snoozefest. Instead, stop what you’re doing to get outside! Stroll through the campus, meet a friend and feel immediately revitalised.

6. Laugh it up. Like exercising, laughing is a surefire way to cure most of your problems. Think of something funny, search the Internet and get giggling. Your humour-filled few moments will leave you feeling more awake and happy.

7. Turn up the volume. Put on your favourite playlist while walking to class, or while studying. Pump up the volume a little bit more than usual and get ready for an automatic energy boost. Thank you, iPod.

How do you stay awake when you’re zonked?

Keep Going…

September 13th, 2012


It’s almost the weekend!

Sweater Weather – Better Weather

September 3rd, 2012

They say “Sweater weather is better weather” and as the summer slowly fades away I have to agree. Swapping summer dresses for sweaters and boots isn’t exactly a tragedy. In fact, it is pretty exciting!

Sweater weather is still beautiful. Fall days in Cape Breton are crisp and cool enough to wear your favourite sweaters without needing your 10-pound winter jacket in tow. You can dress up or dress down… you can wear skinny jeans or leggings… you can wear boots or cute ballet flats! The possibilities are endless – making getting dressed just a little bit more fun.

With the fall months quickly approaching, some things to remember when searching for “the one” are to look for quality and comfort. Your fall sweaters aren’t one-hit-wonders: go for a fabric and fit that is classic.

Choose fleece, wool, or cotton for a sweater that will keep you warm and will last more than the season.

Choose a sweater that fits its function. If you’re searching for a “running to class and back” sweater, opt for a hoodie. If you want to embrace your inner fashionista – a stylish knit with embellishments will do the trick.

Below are some of my picks for sweater weather. Now all I have to do is patiently wait for the temperature to go below 15 degrees…

Happy Sweater Weather!

AE Popover in Maize ($35)

Top Shop Knitted Stud Jumper in Khaki ($76)

PINK Track Jacket in Heather Purple ($46)

GAP Boyfriend Pullover in Heather Gray ($49)

Urban Outfitters Array Cardigan ($69)

Under Armour Wintersweet Fleece Jacket in Gray ($119)


August 31st, 2012


Notebooks under $10

August 24th, 2012

Urban Outfitters - $8

Chapters - 3 for $7

Etsy (Steven James Keathley) - $8

Amazon - $9

Chapters - $9.50

Amazon - $10

These are some of the notebooks I’m drooling over – I always love picking out a new one at the start of the school year. They are always filled with promise. While some of my notebooks are half empty, my others provide much entertainment as I flip through them now.

I like to think that notebooks are a bit more exciting than binders. They keep things organized, while appealing to your creative side.

So tell me, do notebooks inspire you to doodle/draw/make notes? Or do the blank pages remain just that: blank?

Birthday Cake

August 20th, 2012

It’s my birthday today!

And what birthday is complete without an indulgent birthday cake?

I may have the ultimate sweet-tooth, but it’s a picky one. Leave your store-bought cakes at the door and bring me this one!

This cake may not be healthy, but one piece a year won’t hurt… or two…

You can find the drool-worthy recipe here.

Not in the mood for an entire Birthday cake? Make this single serving chocolate cake!

Happy Birthday to all, indeed :)

Photo Source: http://picky-palate.com

A day in Mabou

August 17th, 2012

Early this week I spent a day in Mabou.

Mabou is located about two hours from Sydney, on the other side of Cape Breton. The community is sandwiched between other quaint towns, including Inverness and Whycocomagh. Mabou stands out for me since my family frequents it – but all of the areas will turn up treasures if you choose to visit them.

We started our day in Mabou at the beach! (Where else, right?!)

Source: novascotia.com

Our favourite beach is West Mabou Beach. One visit to the beach and you’ll be hooked for life. The swimming is glorious for one. The sand is soft beneath your toes and the ocean water isn’t totally frigid; in fact, on a hot day you can easily walk in without any goosebumps. As well – the beach is always deserted! You can enjoy paradise without the sound or sight of hundreds of other people.

For our day at the beach, we made sure to pack the basics, including: sunscreen, beach towels, books, water, and treats! Every beach bum’s essentials :)

After we were sufficiently beached-out, we headed out for dinner at the uber-popular (and rightfully so) Red Shoe Pub. My sister and dad ordered the fish and chips and my mom and I ordered some of their veggie fare: a homemade soup, spinach salad, and roasted vegetable flatbread sandwich. Everything was delicious and fresh – all plates were cleared. Two thumbs up for the Red Shoe Pub!

With sun kissed skin and full bellies, we headed home to Sydney. The ideal summer day over… until the next one!

Where do you spend your favourite summer days?

Stop Bugging Me!

August 13th, 2012

I love Cape Breton summers… for the most part.

One thing I could entirely do without this summer? BUG BITES!

Mosquitos seem drawn to me and I am not a fan. Itching those bites is about as aggravating as it gets. Does anyone else feel like an all-you-can-eat buffet for mosquitos?

In an effort to stop my bites from becoming too much to handle, I searched the best all-natural ways to treat those pesky bug bites. Here’s what I came up with.

1. Lemon Juice

Apply ample amounts of fresh lemon juice to your bite to dry it out, stopping the itch.

2. Toothpaste

Like lemon juice, tooth paste will dry out your bite – leaving you itch free and minty fresh?

3. Baking Soda

Break open the baking cupboard for this one: mix two parts baking soda with one part water to make a paste you can slather on your bites to reduce swelling and itchiness.

4. Onion

You’ll be crying out in relief when you rub onion on your bug bite. The sulphurs in onion kick the itch.

5. Ice

Ice isn’t just for injuries! Place ice on your bite to freeze away the swelling and itchiness.

6. Aloe Vera

Use aloe for your burns and bites. Apply aloe to your bite for soothing relief.

How do you treat your bug bites?

Guest Post – Popular Culture?

August 4th, 2012

In today’s world, we’re bombarded with popular culture, everywhere we look. (Even if we’re not looking!)

Student guest blogger Gary shares his opinion on the matter.



It’s easy to recognize the megastars in the music biz. We need only listen to their radio tracks that practically play on repeat. Or look at the magazines covers, or Internet blogs. Or the fragrances at Shopper’s Drug Mart. It’s gotten to the point where Justin Bieber actually has his own section in the gift cards aisle at Sobey’s.

Still, we must not limit the potential of superstars to extract wealth from the pockets of the young and impressionable. They’ve now found a way into the movie theatres. This isn’t an entirely new concept. Take for example, A Hard Day’s Night starring The Beatles or Spice World starring Victoria Beckham and friends. Fictional journeys through the lives of musicians have had a measure of success on the big screen. But actual documentaries have been mostly relegated to a lonely Music DVD section at HMV or packaged with a “Special Edition” album release.

That has changed. Justin Bieber changed it. It began with Never Say Never. For those of you who missed this gem of the silver screen, it was a 2011 3-D concert film following the events of Justin’s life leading up to a major performance at Madison Square Garden. Bieb’s made his fellow Canadian’s proud, the film grossing just under $100,000,000 on a scant budget of $13 million. To put this in perspective, the powerful and critically acclaimed film adaptation of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close struggled to break even that year, grossing $48 million on a $40 million budget.

The floodgates for feature film documentaries about these “musicians” have been opened… in 3-D! Every single movie I saw at Empire Theaters for the past 3 months had a compelling, uplifting trailer for the Katy Perry: Part of Me… in 3-D! Now, I’m sure these films do not take that long to slap together, but even her recent split from Russell Brand made it into the screenplay. The film was a modest success.

And we have more to look forward to. Beyoncé, dipping in the celebrity polls after shattering the blogosphere upon getting pregnant, is stepping up to the plate for a lucrative feature film biopic. Starring herself. Produced by herself. Directed by herself.

I realize that, at the end of the day, it’s an entertainment business. These films provide a glimpse into the stars’ surreal lives and perhaps just as interesting, celebrity culture as a whole. Inflated egos and 3-D surcharges aside, I’m sure someone is making sure the hot commercial endeavour of feature musical documentaries will break even… and then some.

That said, I’m itching to see Reincarnated ft. Snoop Dogg Lion.

Gary has contributed to CBU’s Caper Times and loves to write about his favourite topic: mainstream culture… and Bieber.

CBU’s view book

August 2nd, 2012

If you’re anything like me – you’ve already stopped to admire CBU’s new view book. Since a good many of you are not - you can view it here!

Do you like? What are your favourite aspects of CBU they did/didn’t cover?

I love how they said “At CBU, you’ll feel right at home.” I’ve met a lot of people in my years of university, and all felt content and happy to be where they were… after all, it is the most beautiful island in the world!

Make sure to check it out!